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im sure you were right when you said you were fine

but i thought id ask, cause everyone lies these days.

12/17/06 10:34 pm

its been a coons age since ive made a picture post, let alone a retrospective picture post. so i went through both of my photobuckets and found all the pictures that made me smile, and here they are. you're probably in here, i promise. if you dont care that much, at least look at them to find the goofy fuckin picture of eric lanoue. i promise it'll be worth your while.

because you only get older, and probably forget what it's likeCollapse )

DONT: leave snarky commnets like OMG COULD YOU HAVE MORE COREY IN THESE PICTURES because i will say, fuck off, bffs.
DO: leave comments saying how much you love me and that you are coming to my cookie baking party.

i love you guysssss.

love, sara

8/18/06 09:33 pm

im pretty much making this friends only now. i dont really have a reason for this. i just feel like it. so if i havent added you yet, and you want me to, comment or something.

2/14/06 03:37 am


i realise this post makes me seem a lot more sad about this holiday than i actually am. in reality, there are a lot of shows about italians and zombie movies on today, and so i am the most content i could ever be. also, i am in love with candace for leading me to discover patrick wolf. also, thats it.

1/29/06 12:00 am

what is it that makes us grow so old so quickly?
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